Mentorship program is a new service that I offer from January 2024. It is open to everyone and involves a whole year of individual monthly consultations during which we will discuss the subject chosen by you. This can be Tree of Qliphoth, Luciferian magic, Draconian Path, Lilith, or anything else that lies within the scope of my work. It will involve at least one full hour lesson in a month (it can be more on request), with the minimum of 12 months. Paid either each month (150 USD monthly) or in advance for the entire year (15% off = 1530 USD). The program will be designed for each participant individually, and we will focus on whatever you want to learn, whether it’s theory or practice. Lessons/consultations can be conducted on Skype, Zoom, or FB Messenger. If you’re interested, feel free to message me. 
The list of participants for 2024 is closed now. Please follow my newsletter for announcements about open spots and mentorship opportunities in the future.

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