Rituals of Pleasure

The idea to write this book came to me during my personal work with Lilith, and although the book is not solely about her, she definitely has a great role in it as the intiatrix into the mysteries of astral magic and sexual sorcery. Sex magic has always been an area of great interest in my work, but I have never found a book that would speak about it from the perspective of the Western Left Hand Path magic. There are plenty of books on Tantra, workbooks teaching you how to start your sex magic practice, and general guides to the subject, but I’ve never come across a working manual for a modern practitioner of the Left Hand Path. With this book, I hope to fill this gap and show that sex magic is an important part of Left Hand Path practice and it can enhance your rituals in many ways and teach you how to use one of your greatest powers, the power of sexuality, to awaken your inner potential and to manifest your desires.

In "Rituals of Pleasure" we will look at chosen areas of magic and magical techniques, discussing their use in sex magic and showing how they can empower your sex magic rituals and how sex magic can empower other workings. We will discuss the use of sexual energy both for physical results and for initiation and self-transformation. Rituals and techniques presented here will show you how to use the knowledge of the body and the power of sex and lust, pleasure and pain, and desire and fulfillment to gain gnosis, interact with spirits and deities, and improve your day-to-day life and well-being. All this is written from the perspective of an active practitioner of Left Hand Path magic for other practitioners, who, like myself, want to experiment with their sexual energy for the sake of personal development. 

Published by Become A Living God in two editions: cloth & leather. Accompanied by a chalice depicting Lilith and her Gamaliel sigil:

The deluxe package also includes Draconian Ritual Book and the specially crafted oil for sex magic rituals called "Moonlight Nectar." The oil was made by Lavender Moon Aromatherapy and contains fragrances traditionally used in sex magic such as patchouli and rosewood, as well as those that raise the inner fire and enhance magic in general, such as black pepper, ginger and clove.