The Grimoire of Tiamat

Tiamat is the Primal Dragon Goddess, "the first one, who gave birth to the gods of the universe," the Mother of Everything, the self-procreating womb, the source of all life and all manifestation, the Dragon of the Void. Her gnosis is terrifying, demanding, and transformative on all possible levels of existence. It will take the practitioner to the very Womb of Chaos, where the soul will be devoured, dissolved, transformed, and reborn, in order to become the Dragon in essence, the living incarnation of this primordial current.

The work described in this book was inspired by the Babylonian epic known as the Enuma Elish, one of the oldest creation myths in the world. It contains methods and techniques to open the gateways to the Nightside and access the timeless essence of Tiamat and 11 demon-gods who were born in her Black Waters of Chaos. Rituals presented here constitute a framework for the application of gnosis that was revealed through the teachings of the demon-gods themselves and are laid down here specifically for those who seek self-deification in the modern world.

Those reluctant to work with "unverified gnosis" will not find it here. All rituals described in this book were performed and tested, and their results have been verified to prove their efficacy, both through self-initiatory work and through manifestation of their results on the physical plane. Therefore, they provide a solid ritual system which lays foundations for the further work with this forgotten gnosis.

"The Dragon's breath can still be heard in the whisper of the wind, Draconian fire pulsates in the heart of the earth, and the blood of man stirs when the slumbering Serpent shakes in her sleep. And what sleeps can be awakened".

Published by Nephilim Press. The first, hardcover edition is sold out. Right now the book is available as paperback: