The Book of Mephisto


The Book of Mephisto is a modern grimoire based on several years of my personal study and experience with Faustian magic. It is a ritual-book for those interested in practical aspects of the Faustian Tradition, providing a fresh perspective on infamous pacts with the Devil, blood magic, Satanic demonology, and Sabbatic witchcraft. The book contains rituals and magical practices which embrace diverse faces and aspects of Mephistopheles, the devil of the Faustian tradition. For this purpose I examine demonological elements in chosen works of literature, such as Goethe’s „Faust“, Christopher Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus”, and Mikhail Bulghakov’s „Master and Margarita“, and translate them into practical and effective system of modern magic. The role of Mephistopheles is here revealed in a new light – instead of a traditional principle of Evil, he becomes the initiator on the Left Hand Path, the Adversary, and the personal Shadow of psychological alchemy.  

Published By Edition Roter Drache (first edition) & Become A Living God (second edition)

The pictures feature the second, hardcover edition - cloth & leather. Accompanied by an amulet crafted in bronzed steel: