Sunday, December 13, 2020

Qliphothic Trilogy


"Qliphothic Trilogy" is a special edition containing all three books on Qliphothic magic, which so far have been released separately. Together, they constitute one extensive volume that covers the entire Dark Tree and lays down a coherent and applicable system of approaching the Qliphoth from the perspective of modern magic.

It includes the foreword written by Bill Duvendack, who is the author of many other books and essays on Qliphothic magic. Among them we can mention e.g. his "Qliphothic Astrology," which refers to the Tunnels of Set in connection with their astrological meaning and practical application. He is also the co-author of "Oraculum Leviathan," the unique tarot deck, which I have designed on the basis of the ritual system presented in my books.

As you can see, the collective volume is a beautiful edition, bound in leather with gold foil stamp and high quality paper. All illustrations are black and white, though, so if you’d like the portraits of the tunnel guardians in full color, I suggest getting "Tunnels of Set" separately. I hope that all this information will come useful as well as exciting and challenging in your personal work, and that you will find this journey inspiring and empowering on your way to power and Godhood! 



Information about the books included in the volume:


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