Sunday, March 28, 2021

Hecate Anthology

The new anthology by the Temple of Ascending Flame is out now! You'll find there several of my articles and artworks, alongside contributions by many other interesting authors. And here are the contents of the book:

Asenath Mason - Introduction
Mike Musoke - Hecate: The Goddess of Magic, Mysteries & Witchcraft
Asenath Mason – Three Faces of Hecate
Bill Duvendack – Hecate and Heqet
Denerah Erzebet – Spiritual Alchemy of the Triple Goddess
Keona Kai'Nathera – Hecate Workings
Asenath Mason – Hecate – Guide to the Underworld
Edgar Kerval – Atavistic Dream: The Great Goddess Rising
Bill Duvendack – An Anubis Hecate Cult
Selene-Lilith vel Belayla Rakoczy – Hecate and Mary at Polish Crossroads
Roberto Ruiz Blum – Hecate and Soul Alchemy
Asenath Mason - The Gatekeeper of Hell
Inara Cauldwell – Hecate, Prometheus and the First Mandrake
Satoriel Abraxas – Hecate’s Rite of Passage into Timelessness
Asenath Mason – Draconian Sigil of Hecate
Noctulius Isaac – The Hall of Many Mirrors
Asenath Mason – Lycanthropy Rite
Bill Duvendack – Hecate Ritual: Walk with the Traveler
Asenath Mason – The Potion in the Cauldron
Jack Grayle – Hekate the Adversary

Right now it's available as paperback on Amazon:
The hardcover Lulu edition will be available next month, and the Kindle ebook - by the end of the year.

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