About Me

I'm an author of many books and essays on esoteric, religious and mythological subjects, with a particular focus on the Left Hand Path philosophy, Luciferian Spirituality and Draconian Tradition. Active practitioner of Occult Arts and teacher offering personal consultations and initiations into the Draconian Current. Founder and coordinator of the Temple of Ascending Flame, a platform for individuals around the world who want to share certain aspects of their work within Draconian Tradition with other adepts on the path and for those who need guidance into Draconian initiatory magic. Co-author and editor of a number of anthologies and occult magazines, such as Rites of Lucifer (2014), Visions of the Nightside (2015), Tree of Qliphoth (2016), Lilith: Dark Feminine Archetype (2017), Set: The Fury of Egypt (2019), The Spider Goddess (2022). My books have been translated to several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Polish.
In my daily life I'm a professional author and graphic designer, and you can find my art both in my online portfolios and in my books. Themes of my art include many gothic, fantasy and esoteric concepts. At present moment, I live in the south of Poland.


The Book of Mephisto: A Modern Grimoire of the Faustian Tradition (2006)

Necronomicon Gnosis: A Practical Introduction (2007)

Sol Tenebrarum: The Occult Study of Melancholy (2011)

The Grimoire of Tiamat (2013)

Liber Thagirion (2014)

Draconian Ritual Book (2016)

Qliphothic Meditations (2016)

Chants of Belial (with Edgar Kerval) (2016)

Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations (2017)

Awakening Lucifer (with Bill Duvendack) (2017)

Rituals of Pleasure: Sex, Astral Magic & Demonic Possession (2018)

Oraculum Leviathan (with Bill Duvendack) (2019)

Dream Gates & Astral Paths (with Edgar Kerval) (2019)

Tunnels of Set (2020)

Goddesses of Necromancy (with Zeraphina Angelus) (2023)

Rites of Lilith: Grimoire of the Queen of the Night (2023) 

The Leviathan Oracle Study Book (2023)