Goddesses of Necromancy

 Co-authored with Zeraphina Angelus

Goddesses of Necromancy features nine chosen goddesses from various  world mythologies. Every one of the presented goddesses possesses a close magical connection to the death current and the underworld, and each represents a different primary aspect of the universal death principle across humanity.

    Ereshkigal: The Queen of the Great Below
    Hecate: The Goddess of Necromancy & Death
    Hel: The Queen of the Dead
    Kali: The Black Mother
    Libitina: The Queen of the Afterlife
    Morana: The Goddess of Winter
    Morrigan: The Phantom Queen
    Nephthys: The Friend of the Dead
    Persephone: The Goddess of Sex & Pleasure

  • Clairvoyantly-channelled portraits and unique sigils of the Goddesses of Necromancy
  • Key historical and magical backgrounds and introductions of the Goddesses as a Lady of Death
  • Ritual initiation performances to connect through gnosis with the Lady of Death in her necromantic aspect
  • Clairaudient invocations for personal communion with the Goddesses
  • Elaborate pathworkings and guided meditations for soul flight, astral travel, and lucid dreaming to her royal astral realm, or to bring her lasting energy back into your magick temple
  • Lengthy expositions on the magical meanings and careful designs of the talismanic sigils used in the workings
  • All-new innovations and breakthrough discoveries in the critical study of Necromancy, Demonology, and Goddesses Magic

Published by Become A Living God in two editions: cloth & leather.


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