The Leviathan Oracle Study Book


This book is an extensive study of the Oraculum Leviathan tarot deck, based on the work of a subgroup within the Temple of Ascending Flame in the years 2021-2023. Oraculum Leviathan is unique among other decks because it is specifically addressed to a practitioner of Draconian magic and its main theme is built around the initiatory journey through the Tree of Qliphoth. In this book, you will find this journey described in detail, explaining how the particular cards can be related to concepts and ideas within the magic of the Dark Tree. The descriptions of the Major Arcana include the explanation of the symbolism used in each card, their number, the Hebrew letter associated with it, and the corresponding pathway in the Tunnels of Set. The Minor Arcana, which present less complex concepts, are explained in regard to their symbolism and the possible meaning in a reading. This tome also includes two new spreads that can be used to work with the deck and connect with its symbolism. Instead of presenting a generic view of the tarot, this study book goes deep into the meaning of each card, providing an advanced course for those who truly want to use Oraculum Leviathan as a self-initiatory tool. 

Available as paperback and Kindle.

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