Oraculum Leviathan

The tarot is an old form of divination that has achieved wide popularity over the last one hundred years, and while it is commonly found, very few decks embrace the Draconian Tradition specifically. There are darker themed decks, but no one deck specifically for those that walk the Path of the Dragon - until now. In this tarot deck, you will find a full, 78-card deck, with imagery specifically for the Left Hand Path magician. With the deck, you will also find an in-depth accompanying book with information about each card. A variety of tarot spreads in the book are available to use as you see fit. One tarot spread in particular is exclusive to this deck and book set. Use the wisdom of Leviathan to take your tarot experience to the next level!

Published by Become A Living God. Accompanied by the companion book written by Bill Duvendack, available in two editions: cloth & leather. The original deluxe package also included a mahogany sigil box with the seal of Leviathan.