Qliphothic Meditations


The Tree of Qliphoth, also known as the Tree of Death or the Tree of Night, is the dark anti-structure to the Qabalistic Tree of Life, forming the concept of the Nightside, or the shadow side of Creation. Although the interest in the magic of the Qliphoth is growing all the time, most of the worlds of the Dark Tree still remain unexplored, providing a fertile ground for all kinds of experiments and offering power and knowledge to those who set on a magical journey to these realms in search for self-initiation. This book is based on my personal work with the Qliphoth from the perspective of the Draconian Tradition and provides a coherent ritual system for other Initiates on the Path of the Dragon. You will find here descriptions of the Qliphoth, their sigils, practical methods to invoke their energies, guided meditations that will help you adjust your mind to their vibrations, and techniques of dream magic that will open you to their influence on the subconscious level. The purpose of this work is to teach you how you can guide yourself through the Qliphothic self-initiatory process, introducing you into foundations of Qliphothic magic, showing how to contact gods and spirits and make them allies on your path, and providing practical tips on how to design, organize and develop your individual work. 

Published by Become A Living God in two editions: cloth (red) & leather (black).

Accompanied by the silver Qliphoth Star amulet: