Awakening Lucifer

This book is a modern grimoire of Left Hand Path magic, written as a follow-up to Rites of Lucifer, with the purpose of exploring Luciferian gnosis in greater depth. Following the discussion of Lucifer’s masks, titles, and attributes, Awakening Lucifer examines deities, spirits, and mythological figures related to the Luciferian ethos and symbolism, focusing on manifestations of the archetype in various cultural contexts, getting to the roots of selected legends and folklore, and exploring similarities and differences between Luciferian characters around the world. You will find here eleven god-forms, each one representing a different aspect of the archetype: Prometheus (Bringer of Fire), Melek Taus (Peacock Angel), Attar (Son of the Dawn), Shemyaza (Serpent Angel), Samael (Prince of Darkness), Lucifuge Rofocale (Lord of the Night), Lugh (Shining One), Shiva (Lord of the Trident), Azazel (Lord of Transgression), Pan (Horned One), and Janus (Keeper of the Gates). Each chapter contains an introduction to the mythology of the chosen god or spirit, explaining why they can be considered a Luciferian archetype, a sigil that will help you attune yourself to their current, a guided meditation that will take you on a self-initiatory journey within their realm, and invocation in which you will learn how to assume the god-form and absorb their powers and qualities. The idea behind this book is to present the Luciferian archetype and its role in the development of human consciousness across the ages and in various cultures and societies, focusing on those aspects that are relevant to the Draconian current and can be used in the self-initiatory process on the Path of the Dragon.

Published by Become A Living God (first edition: cloth and leather). This original release was accompanied by "The Lucifer Chronicles," a special edition including "Awakening Lucifer" and "Rites of Lucifer" by Temple of Ascending Flame. This edition is sold out now. Another companion product was the Lucifer Talisman: