Sunday, April 9, 2023

Lilith: Mistress of Dreams


New open project by the Temple of Ascending Flame!

"Lilith – Mistress of Dreams"

This series of workings is aimed at evoking a succubus/incubus during a sleep paralysis condition by working with Lilith as the Mistress of Dreams. In magic, we usually work with demons of lust to explore our sexuality, both to embrace its power and to access the repressed or unknown parts of our sexual potential. Spirit lovers can take us to the hidden, unrealized layers of the subconscious, where we are faced with our instincts and sexual fantasies, which includes both those we want to explore and those we do not even know we have. These spirits are not bound by flesh, space, time, or anything else, and can take any shape and trigger any experience we can think about, and a lot more. If we know how to evoke them, we can make any desire manifest and come true. This leaves a great field of experimentation for all kinds of magic, because the only limits here are those of our own imagination. On the other hand, both sleep paralysis and succubus/incubus encounter come with the risk of obsessions and trauma. A spirit lover may help you heal your sexual issues if you are open to it, but it may also bring forth repressed sexual traumas and make them worse. That is why this project is not recommended if you do not feel 100% sure you want to participate in it.


The project starts on 24th and ends on 30th April. Like always, the materials are free. It is, however, not recommended for practitioners younger than 18. If you're interested in participating, please download the project from our website:


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