Thursday, December 21, 2023

Luciferian Sorcery - Rituals for Self-Empowerment

 Happy 11th Anniversary to the Temple of Ascending Flame!

To commemorate the amazing 11 years, we've prepared a special anthology, which is a unique grimoire of Luciferian magic, including rituals, meditations, and practical workings only, and providing a glimpse into the ritual system of the temple. Most of these workings were originally designed for the temple’s inner projects, some of them were available as open workings, and there are also rituals and meditations that are completely new and have not been published anywhere else. They cover a variety of subjects, including well-known beings and patron deities of the temple as well as less popular spirits and entities from various areas of the world. Entities such Lilith, Samael, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Abaddon, and many others – are explored here in a practical way. The book also contains rituals of Egyptian magic and Qabalistic concepts, approached from the modern perspective. Written by the Initiates of the temple, they are meant for active practitioners of Draconian magic and Luciferian Sorcery.



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