Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

New year brings new projects and some changes to my work and services.

* First of all, I no longer do personal consultations. Until now they could be booked through my Become A Living God page. Starting from this year, this option is no longer available. Instead, I’ve opened a mentorship program, which is available this year and possibly will continue in the future, depending on my time and the success of the current program.

* I still offer Ritual For Hire services through Become A Living God, though, and right now the services offered include: Draconian, Luciferian & LHP Initiation, Pact with Spirit or Deity, Qliphothic Awakening Ritual, Creating a Spirit Companion, and Evocation of Lilith.

* This year I’m going to step away from the social media and focus on developing my own platforms to promote my work. If you’d like to follow my writings and art releases, please sign up for my newsletter – you can do it HERE.

* Since I keep getting questions about signed books, I’ll try to make more of these available this year – information about them will be shared through my newsletter only, and I’ll have some special deals for my subscribers. 

* At some point in the upcoming months I'm planning to redo my website and delete old pages, shops and accounts - some of them will disappear for good. If you ever want to know how to find me, the best way to do it is to keep tracking my work through my newsletter.

* As for the projects lined up for this year, in the beginning of the year I have a new book coming out. The title is “Draconian Compendium,” and it's a complete collection of all essays and rituals submitted to the magazines “Qliphoth” and “Sabbatica” in the last few years + some completely new material.

Another project that is completed and waiting for publication is a set of oracle cards + companion book dedicated to Hecate. More information about this release will follow later.

I’m also happy to announce that I’ll be working on another book collaboration with my magical sister Zeraphina Angelus – more information will be revealed when the project is completed.

Information about all these will be announced as soon as they are ready to be released. In the meantime, if you have any questions about my work, feel free to message me.

I wish you all a wonderful, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

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