Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Limited and Out-of-print LHP Books


Throughout the whole summer I’ll have a very special offer for my newsletter subscribers – in each newsletter I’ll post for sale several chosen books from my personal library. These are brand new books which I received from various publishers and authors over the years – some of them as merchandise samples, others as gifts for contributing to the book or writing a review, and still others in addition to royalties. These are books related to Draconian magic, witchcraft, demonology, or LHP magic in general – released by Aeon Sophia Press, Nephilim Press, Scarlet Imprint, Sirius Limited Esoterica, Become A Living God, and others. At the moment, most of these titles are out of print, hard to find, or ridiculously overpriced on various marketplaces. Since I’m not working or going to work with these books and I need to make some space in my library, I’d love to see them find their way into good hands of active practitioners who will put them to use.

This is an offer for my newsletter subscribers only – I’m not going to post it or put these books on sale anywhere else, so if you’re interested, or even just curious, please sign up here:


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